J is for Joey, Jay, and Joel


J is for

Joey, Jay, and Joel 

I don’t even know where to begin. Joey, Jay, and Joel are my three beloved sons.  Joey is now 40, Joel is 32, and Jay will forever be 28 – the age he was when he died in a tragic accident 8 years ago this May. Not going to put pictures of them here, I know they wouldn’t be keen on that idea. You can read about Jay at the JCMF page. You can learn a little about Joey at his business page, Chapman Group Realty.  (A shameless advertisement from a proud mama.) Joel is on Facebook too.

Each of these men are special in their own way. Joey was the typical first born – adored as the only boy among girl cousins born that same year. He was always a charmer. Athletic, popular, and all around good guy. Jay, the middle child, even more athletic if that is possible. Sweet, funny, and all around good guy. Joel, the baby, spoiled by grandmother and loved by all, the easiest-going and most vocal. I am proud of the men they have become. Joey and Joel are loving fathers who have given me the precious gift of grandchildren – five girls and one boy. Jay left as his legacy the huge influence he had on his students. HE was a high school teacher and coach. Taken from us only weeks before he was to be married, I only have grandchildren from him in my dreams.

We had our share of trips to the emergency room. Stitches, broken bones, swallowed pennies. You know you’re the mom of a boy when you no longer panic at a little blood. We’ve had our share of sitting through sports practices and games. You also know you’re the mom of  boy when you have learned that baseball starts out cold and ends up hot, whereas football does just the opposite. Thank God for basketball – at least it is played indoors in heat or air conditioning! You know for sure you’re the mom of boys when you are no longer grossed out by farting and burping contests. There is one little advantage – once they are going potty on their own their Dad gets to do all the restaurant bathroom visits!

I do remember back in high school saying I wanted to get married and have six boys! I had all the names picked out based on whoever the cute guys were at that time. I don’t think any of them were Joeys, Jays, or Joels though. I was never much of a girl-person, so just as well I had my boys. Even when I taught, I had an affinity for the boys. I believe it’s true about mothers and sons having special relationships, as well as fathers and daughters. It is an unexplainable connection. Of course I have become a girl-person now that I have five granddaughters, but times are different for girls now. They can be whatever they want. Heck, they can even be boys if they want and vice versa!

I would be remiss if I didn’t include one more J – the man who made it all happen, my husband Joe. Kind, caring, hard-working, and as stubborn as a stump. His stubbornness is a bane and a blessing. It can be frustrating in little day to day things, but is an advantage in making big life decisions. I love this man with all that is within my being, as I have for over 45 years, and will continue to do until the day I die, just like my sons.

My boys are no longer little. They have become men like their father.  They are strong, wise, and Godly; good husbands and fathers. But most importantly, they are mine – my sons – my boys.


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2 Responses to J is for Joey, Jay, and Joel

  1. Dan Pendley says:

    Joe – the hubby, you lucky dog. How things might have turned out different if Janet would have let me demonstrate my kissing skills. Then again, my “skills” might have turned her off to kissing for years! LOL
    Joey – “and all around good guy” says it all. Thanks for being who mama says you are as some of us men tend to have a bad reputations, or maybe it is just me?!!!
    Joel – “and loved by all” is not and easy thing to do. AttaBoy!!! Thanks for listening to mom and sometimes dad, when mom says he is right.
    Jay – “high school teacher and coach” and oh, so much more that that. What could have been……… As long as we are talking about you, you are still with us. Oh, the impact you made in such a short time with us. Love ones say thanks for the wonderful memories and wish you were here making plenty more as you are missed, BIG TIME, and that some day in the future all will be together, again. Not an easy thing to do, to take up space in peoples heart, but you managed to do just that. I know all the above is true just from reading the powerful words mom has printed for all us to read.
    Janet – Save the best for last! Thanks to you, and sometime Joe, for bringing 3 very productive kids / men into this world who came without instructions. On the job training, plenty of questions for anybody who took time to help you. You second guess if you did the right things, told them of your wisdom so as to not make same mistakes, etc etc etc. Not and easy thing to do, be a parent, and if a good one, WOW! We may not see the “scares” you have of you raising your kids but we know you have them. AttaGirl!!!

    • georgiajanet says:

      Oh Dan, once again you are too kind. Thank you for affirming my boys. I don’t know about kissing, but in my dreams I can assure you they were pretty good! You have hidden writing and affirming skills! I hope you find a way to share those with others.

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