O is for Olfactory

O is for Olfactory 

Definition: of or relating to the sense of smell.

Our sense of smell may not be our most important sense, but it is widely believed to be our strongest sense. A tiny whiff can flood our brains (and hearts) with memories, make our mouths salivate, or make us gag and retch. An odor can bring on emotions; love, sadness, fear. We all have certain smells we react to, and I hope you will share some of yours in a comment. I did a little research and found the top five most recognizable smells are not the same as the top five favorite smells.

Top 5 Most Recognizable Smells                           

  1. Coffee      2. Peanut Butter      3. Vicks Vapo Rub      4. Chocolate      5. Wintergreen


Top 5 Favorite Smells 

  1. Bread Baking        2. Bacon           3. Fresh Cut Grass          4. Coffee           5. Cakes baking


Are you surprised at the top fives?


                           Now, some of my own favorites…

                                                                Puppy Breath! >



< Newborn Babies



                     Mimosa Blossoms (Not to be confused with Mimosa cocktails!)Sun Dried Diapers (or linens) ∨


Pool Water on the Hot Cement  Pool Deck                                          ∨


<New Car Smell

Ocean and Beach >

 Fall leaves burning  ∨                                                                The Forest  



     <  British Sterling  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Windsong  ∨  

   Wild Honeysuckle ∨

As the saying goes, the nose knows. Share what your own nose knows in a comment below!


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