Home Forever

Home Forever

See that bright spot out there
Shimmering like a mirage in the distance. Is that it?
Home? Glory? Beulah Land? The new Jerusalem?
Does it even exist, or is it just an infinity edge,
Water rushing over into an oblivious unknown.
For flat believers, perhaps it is where we fall off the edge.
And what about those black beings between here and there.
Are they souls, fighting against the tide of life.
Or just floating aimlessly, wherever the current takes them.
Gorging on the bounty, living and dead.
But look, some are soaring.
Over the troubled water, through the storm.
Apparently effortless.

Yet what of those of us who just wish to be there?
We do not wish to endure the journey.
Not to soar there on strengthened wings
Not to float there calmly, waiting patiently for the current to take us to that destination.
Not to plow through waves of mundane everydays
Nor to struggle there through riptides, storms, or swirling whirlpool vortexes.

Just be there.
Lay down our efforts and be there.
Close our eyes, rest, and be there.
Give up the struggle and be there.
Let go and let him carry us there.
Home forever.

j. chapman

May 2017



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