It’s official! Summer is Here!

GeorgiaJanet is loving the summer!


I’m  a summer person and an outdoor person. I should clarify that means relaxing in the outdoors, as in floating in the pool, or sitting in the sun at the beach, or the shade on my porch, or driving in my convertible, or enjoying beautiful scenery when traveling. You won’t find me running marathons, hitting tennis balls, or mountain bike riding, but summer is my favorite season.

Snippets of Summer Memories

Atlanta Magazine Photo by David Walter Banks

The smell of wet concrete at John A. White swimming Pool

That summer I went to summer school and graduated high school a year early

Lying in the grass and staring up at clouds

A family vacation to Miami in our un-airconditioned 64 Ford Galaxy, no seatbelts, hot vinyl seats, sleeping on the back window deck.

Crusin’ around with various friends and boyfriends

Found on Pinterest

“Laying Out” slathered in baby oil

Lake Spivey picnics



What are some of your own summer memories? Please comment!


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Savor Some Summer Songs

*indicate my top ten favorites

Lovin Spoonful – Summer in the City

The Who –  Summertime Blues

Ella Fitagerald  – Summertime 

Mungo Jerry –  Summertime

The Jamies – Summertime Summertime 

*Grease – Summer Nights

DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince – Summertime

*Seals and Croft – Summer Breeze 

Sly and the Family Stone – Hot Fun in the Summertime

*Martha and the Vandellas – Dancing in the Street

Martha and the Vandellas – Heat Wave

*Alice Cooper – School’s Out for Summer

Frozen – In Summer

Calvin Harris – Summer

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello – I Know What You Did Last Summer

Michel Legrand – Theme from The Summer of 42

Kid Rock – All Summer Long

  The Eagles – Boys of Summer

LFO –  Summer Girls

Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness

Jake Owen – Beachin’

The Ramones – Rockaway Beach

*The Safaris – Wipeout

Bryan Adams – Summer of 59

Johnny Rivers – Summer Rain

The Motels – Suddenly Last Summer

The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations

*The Beatles – Here Comes the Sun

*The Drifters – Under the Boardwalk 

Chris Rey – Sweet Summer Day

Frank Sinatra – Summer Wind

Katrina and the Waves – Walkin’ on Sunshine

Logan Paul and The Rock – The Song of the Summer



Check back with GeorgiaJanet in a couple of weeks for an updated post!


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10 Responses to Summer!

  1. Dan Pendey says:

    Summer – YEA! Been waiting on you for months. No school for almost 3 months!!!
    Then mother says at the end of the 10th grade year, those famous words, “Get a summer job!” College is not free and will not be paid for by your parents. BooHoo! Still got the nights and weekends to find trouble!!!

    John A White Park – Went swimming there a LOT and had the three diving boards to choose from. High dive was nice to look at and watch brave divers on but not used by me! Oh, the on fire HOT BABES, “Skin Show” time!
    Played Babe Ruth baseball for three summers on the field next door to pool.
    Mother taught me how to drive in the parking lot located out past left field. Blame her for my “Drive it like you stole it” style of driving as that is how she had to drive multitasking with 6 kids! Would have been a GREAT NASCAR driver!

    Lake Spivey – Only went there a couple of times as with 6 kids you have to pick and choose what entertainment you can indulge (pay for) in carefully. Old rumor that singer Mac Davis and his band “Zots” played there??? His song I adopted for me was titled: “It’s hard to be humble when you are perfect in every way!”. Wife, for some reason, disagreed. lol

    1966 – Braves and Falcons are now playing in Atlanta. WOW! We are Big Time now for sure. Horrible teams but at least we have them.
    1967 – Six Flags is built and oh the many trips out to that local park.
    Underground Atlanta is on fire as memories are made during the nights there.
    Hippies a BIG tourist attraction at this time. Did you ever write for The Great Specked Bird?
    1970 – First race held at Road Atlanta located near me now. False rumor that my mother trained them how to drive it. Went to all races for the first three years.
    1971 – 1967, Muhammad Ali was drafted. Declaring himself a conscientious objector, he refused to serve. “The Greatest” made his comeback in Atlanta on October 26, 1971, Today in Georgia History. It was over in nine minutes. Ali put Quarry away in the third round.
    Tommy Roe – Singer, Brown High Alum. Sings his catchy tunes on the radio such as: Dizzy, Shelia, Sweet Pea. etc. that we all thought we knew the words to.
    We saw Atlanta burst at the seams in growth as we were advancing from our teens to adulthood What a ride it has been and not over yet!

    • georgiajanet says:

      Oh so many memories. There is a writer lurking in you Dan Pendley! You express yourself with eloquent wit.

      • Dan Pendey says:

        Nit”wit” back again. Left out many things but seeing Lightning Bugs / Fireflies which are actually beetles, a few weeks ago was a treat and “re-lit” my summer time memory of them.
        Oh the fragrance of a nearby Honeysuckle bush. That sweet taste of its nectar second to none.
        Best for last. Trying not look like a stalker / pervert / etc. in my attempts to see my neighbor, Renee Norwood / Cheer Leader, two doors down and fellow student at Brown High, sun bathing. Dang trees and shrubs blocking my view. Need a Jazz up date

        • georgiajanet says:

          You can see Renee on Facebook = go on and bite the bullet and get on it! Jazz is doing fine- hair growing back in where they shaved him to treat wounds, so his coat has sort of a funky look for now. Thanks for asking.

  2. David Moore says:

    Awesome. I like it!

  3. Shelia says:

    Thanks for the great line-up of summer tunes–ah, so many memories there. Some of my memories mirror yours, after all, I’m a Georgia girl, too. Lake Spivey picnics (a couple of those as school trips), trying for that suntan, but giving up because it was just too boring to be that still for too long, & hanging out with my best buddy, Kay. As a little girl summer included an ice cream every day sold by a man who pushed his cart everywhere, making all manner of things from the clouds (all kids must do that) and roaming the neighborhood with a trusty band of friends, doing nothing in particular, but it was oh so important at the time. “Playing” as we called it then, fed our imaginations, got us outside and exercising whether we knew it or not, and provided a group of friends that still live in our hearts, and some we still touch base with, even at our old age of 70 or so. Thanks, Janet–summer rocks!

  4. Bro says:

    That was a great car! I remember daddy being so proud of it. The color was so unique. “Got a 390 police interceptor” he would proclaim. He’d say, “get it up to 90 and THEN stomp it and listen to the 4 barrel cut in”. The first time I ever went over 100mph he had us on I-166 coming back from Greenbiar……………wish I had one like it.

    • georgiajanet says:

      You have so many memories of Daddy from a different perspective, I want to hear more. We are overdue for a long visit. Do you remember us going 100 mph in that car on the Stone Mountain freeway to the Easter Sunrise service with Teresa Bivins?

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