GeorgiaJanet goes away…

Yes, I am going away but this is a good thing! I will be visiting Ireland September 25-October 2. Don’t have a lot to say about it for now, but I expect to upon my return.  A few tidbits for now:


I get to celebrate my birthday(October 1) in Ireland!




Always thought my ancestry was mostly Irish, but turns out Ancestry DNA says I’m mostly British (87%) and only 5% Irish, with the remaining 8% a hodgepodge. 


At one time my writing style was analyzed and compared to that of James Joyce!  It was only one of those silly computer generated things, but I was intrigued enough to download several Joyce novels to my Kindle. Have to admit many remain unread. 



I may be incommunicado for a few days. Not sure how dependable the wifi service will be, but you can be certain I will take many photos and have thoughts to write about when I return. Until then, I shall leave you with the traditional Irish blessing.

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3 Responses to GeorgiaJanet goes away…

  1. Dan Pendley says:

    Gods most precious work of art is the warmth and love of a Mothers heart. – Nuff said!!!
    Continual cheerfulness is a sign of wisdom.
    Lust of power burns more fiercely than all the passions combined.
    Praise youth and it will prosper.
    The best horse doesn’t always win the race.
    -Irish Proverbs

    Hope you are making a lot of memories and having fun, a LOT of fun. Who knows, maybe getting ideas to include in a new book!!! Go Big Or Come Home.

  2. Dan Pendley says:

    Happy early (29th, again) BIRTHDAY!!!
    87% British? Boooooo!!!!!!!
    Go with the 5%, LOL

    Kiss me, I’m Irish -or I can be British if that will get me a kiss!

    May you live a long life,
    Full of gladness and health;
    With pockets full of gold,
    As the least of your wealth.
    May the dreams you hold dearest,
    Be those which come true;
    The kindness you spread,
    Keep returning to you.
    -Irish Blessing

    Questioning is the door of knowledge.
    -Irish Proverb — I REALLY LIKE THIS ONE, SO TRUE.

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