November 5 – Family

November 5

              I am thankful for

the family God blessed me with. A loving husband of 45+ years, three sons, and  grandchildren. Had I not been placed here, who knows how things could have ended up? These people make my life worth living and I love them beyond words. They are my heart. There are no other men or grandchildren I would rather claim as my own. I am perfectly satisfied with the ones I have! I am also thankful for the one who is no longer with us on earth, but who we know we will see again in heaven one day.  Jay was a blessing to all of our lives. We were fortunate to have him for 28 years. Yes, it is still unbearably sad that he is no longer on earth with us, but would I rather he had not existed at all? Sometimes when the pain is too great it may be tempting to think so, but no, I cannot fathom what life would have been without him. I can endure the suffering because he was totally worth every ounce of it, and it would be the same for any of these precious others. They bless me everyday with their love and presence.

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