November 10 – Public Education

November 10…

…I am thankful for and have been blessed by public education.

I believe education in the US is one of the greatest assets we have and it’s quite a bargain. Oh, it is easy to moan and groan about the state of education today, but overall it’s a great deal. Not many places on earth offer a free and appropriate education to all students. It’s a long way from perfect, but then, isn’t everything? Where else can one send their child to at least 13 years of school and sometimes more, without paying a penny? Education is the best hope we have for responsible and productive citizenship.

We can’t rule out the importance of families in augmenting and supporting what kids receive in public school, as well as their role in providing moral and spiritual education. There are some, those who can afford it, who choose to opt for private schools. That’s fine for them. Some of those schools may prove “better” for their child, depending on what measure you use to rate schools. Yet being private does not necessarily mean it is better, just as a public school isn’t worse just because it is public.

I challenge those who bash our public schools to please do their research. Don’t jump on a bandwagon unless you have the facts. One example I see repeatedly is that we need to put the pledge of allegiance back to our schools.

Those I ask who are in public schools, children and adults, affirm that they are reciting the pledge every day! In fact, those I have spoken with in private schools are much more likely to confess they say it sometimes, but not every day.


Finally, if you want to improve public education, it will never happen by complaining about and attacking the current system. I suggest getting involved – inform yourself, vote, volunteer, and donate. I will stop now before my soapbox becomes too accusatory. If you want to know more about really goes on in America’s schools and what you can do to help them improve you may be interested in my book, This Teacher Talks, available on Amazon.  


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