November 14 – Our Five Senses

November 14

What a blessing it is to enjoy the use of my senses.

As I get older it is easy to notice the senses of sight and hearing begin to decline. Not too bad for me yet, thankfully. Occasionally I will come across someone or read about someone who has lost their sense of taste or smell. How terrible! And the sense of touch can bring such pleasure, it is hard to imagine losing one’s tactile sense. I am going to hark back to a previous piece of writing that can be found on the Writing page of this site.  I am so thankful and blessed that I have seen, heard, smelled, touched, and tasted these amazing creations.

Baby’s face crinkling into a smile. Dappled sun on the forest floor.
The first spring leaves upon the trees.
Bare branches’ intricate lacework in winter.
Glisten on the sand after waves’ retreat.
Red clay ruts and eroded banks on red dirt roads.
Kudzu monsters. Ladies in ball gowns.
Cool dew-jeweled violets in spring shade. Puzzle patterns in bark.

Wistful wind. Rushing water. Baby giggles.            
Crunching leaves. Far off beach music.
Wind chimes. Rain on a tin roof.
Train whistles at night. Monastery chant.
Little children singing Jesus Loves Me.
Summer pool sounds muffled by your ear against the towel.
A beloved dog’s contented sigh. Newborn baby’s cry.

Dry dust when first spattered by rain. Vanilla flavoring.
Autumn leaf fire. Dark, moist, rich forest floor after rain.
Baking – cookies, bread, cakes, pies.
Peppers and onions sizzling in butter.
Splashed hot pavement around the summer pool
A new box of crayons. Sun dried cloth diapers
Coffee. Leather. New car. Puppy breath.

Velvet, chenille, satin, suede. Cool polish of a river pebble 
Bare feet on moss. Lucky rubbed chestnut.
Sand grains sifting through toes and fingers.
Mist of the sea. Cool hands on hot foreheads.
Deliciously cold air conditioning on your sweaty neck.
Just enough sun’s warmth. Baby oil on skin.
Silken dog ears. Pony tail swish on your bare back.

The first home-grown tomato of summer: plus the mayo, salt, and pepper.
Mama’s dressing with giblet gravy – smothered in memory.
Hot fudge. On ice cream. With nuts. And whipped cream.
A grill-seared steak – juicy and fat.
Ice cold watermelon. Spit the seeds.
Rich’s coconut cake. Tropical delight.
Bacon. Bacon. Bacon.

I hope some of these phrases have brought a smile to your face. What are some of your own favorites? Please leave a comment.

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