November 25 – Georgia Tech

November 25

Today I am thankful for the Georgia Institute of Technology.

There are several reasons I am attached to GA Tech, and I’m not just talking athletics. Being an Atlanta native, Tech has always been my hometown school. From the time I was just a kid Tech was always a BIG DEAL. Several football players from my high school went on to become gridiron standouts there. My family would ride down there during homecoming week to see the displays. In high school, some friends and I were invited to “rush” parties. We thought we were some hot stuff going to parties at GA Tech fraternity houses!

Actually attending Tech was not even a consideration for me. Very few females attended at that time, it was majorly expensive, you had to practically be a genius, and I had no interest in engineering.I am proud of the progress Tech has made over the years. It is a solid, respected, well-rounded school in terms of fields of study and diversity of the student population.

Those of you are very astute may realize that this post is running today because it is a very important day for Georgia Tech. The Saturday after Thanksgiving is always the big game – the state football rivalry between Tech and the University of Georgia. I could take this discussion in a lot of directions, but I will decline that penalty. More often than not, Tech has come out on the short end of that stick. That doesn’t bother me. Tech is about so much more than football. Yes, they are still my team!


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2 Responses to November 25 – Georgia Tech

  1. Dan Pendley says:

    Just Google Ga Tech and read and read and read…….. Filthy rich in history, athletes, coaches, scholars, traditions, alumni, ……. Love it when all Ga schools are ranked high in theirs sport rankings. My first time being inside a college football stadium was in Oct. 8, 1966 to see Ga Tech beat Tenn. 6-3 in field goals only game with Kim King (what-a-name!) at QB and All American to be running back. Lenny Snow. I only have two autographs, Clete Boyer, 3rd baseman for the Braves and Lenny Snow, who I met watching a Falcons practice in Flowery Branch in 2004. Our 1969 Yearbook had Pepper Rodgers named as Distinguished Alumnus and spoke at our year end football banquet that year. After Brown High Pepper Rodgers was QB at Ga. T and went on to a fantastic coaching career etc. My wife’s father, his father, and her brother, all graduated from Ga T. A brother of mine had two of his sons graduate from Ga T. and wants me to start a Go Fund Me page to help pay off their college bills. Saw a couple Atlanta Hawks games played on Ga T campus and after research for this saw that Atlanta Falcons played at Grant Field / Bobby Dodd when Braves games not allowed them to use Atlanta Fulton Co. Stadium. Proud of Ga T and it’s history and root for them in 10 of their 11 football games a year! Back to watching the game I heard was being played today.

    • georgiajanet says:

      I almost wrote about Pepper Rodgers, Kim King, Kelli Francisco, and my great niece Courtney Orr who is pictured with Buzz. You are so right about the rich heritage of Georgia Tech. I even had a Howell ancestor on one of the early 1900s championship teams. UGA is a good school too, my oldest son graduated from there. Just doesn’t share Tech’s reputation of excellence in academics.

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