November 27 – Spur of the Moment

November 27

Today I am thankful for spur-of-the-moment fun.

 Sometimes the best laid plans go awry, and sometimes the best memories are made from spontaneous events. Today, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, when most people are winding down and dreading getting back into the weekday grind, was one of those times.

Good friends of ours texted this morning and asked if we would like company for the afternoon. They wanted to bring their little dogs to visit with our Jazz, the men could watch the Falcons’ game, and she and I                                                                                              could play cards and catch up.

I said my house was a mess because the Christmas decorations had been pulled out but not put up, and there was no food in the house because I hadn’t cooked for Thanksgiving and had been at my sister’s since Friday, but come on anyway, we’d figure something out.


We had a lovely, relaxed afternoon. We enjoyed watching the three dogs play, wrestle, and vie for lap space. The guys napped and even snored as they dozed through the game. She and I played cards and chatted, catching up on family events. We ended up going out to Cracker Barrel about 5:30 for some good comfort food. It could not have been a better afternoon had we planned every detail.

When life offers you a serendipitous surprise, accept it and enjoy every minute.

Good friends, good food, and good times.

What a perfect way to wrap up the Thanksgiving weekend.


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