Love Came Down

December 2017: Love Came Down

I’ve been putting this off for days now.  Oh, I’ve been writing fast and furiously, just not on a blogpost. Trying to finish up Dorothy May. Not going to make the end of the year deadline, but maybe the end of January. For those of you who don’t have a clue what I’m talking about check it out under works in progress on the books page. 


I’m finding the platitudes about Christmas somehow ring hollow. I know a big part of this is because our family has lost a child and brother. Yes, it has been nine years, but that doesn’t really matter. It may as well have been just yesterday because that hole is still in our hearts. It will never be filled, except with memories.


It’s been a good year. New additions to the family have come along, and they are loved and cherished. Voluminous blessings have been bestowed. My husband, children, and grandchildren are all happy and well. I’ve had opportunities to travel far and wide, I published a new book, This Teacher Talks, and some genealogy mysteries have been solved. A few minor heartaches have been endured, but nothing major. Nothing new, anyway.


The true Christmas gifts are already arriving. Joy in the gathering of friends, fun in the excitement of children, the many blessings I wrote about daily throughout November, and, most of all, the hope and peace in the gift of an eternal savior. Amidst such goodness, how can despondency exist? Only because there was such love. Were there no love, there would be no sorrow. Would we rather have foregone the love of his presence to avoid the pain of losing him? I think not. The ultimate love came down at Christmastime, and can dwell in us always.


A gift for you from GeorgiaJanet:



GeorgiaJanet and her family wish you health and happiness. We wish you peace, joy, and blessings during this Christmas season and throughout the coming year. Above all, we wish you love. 


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4 Responses to Love Came Down

  1. Dan Pendley says:

    Like Shelia I loved the youtube Ga ornament video as it brought back many cherished memories. Thanks so much for the fantastic treat. Many thanks for this site and all that you share with us. Not easy this point and time in our crazy history. We both see history from the male/female point of view but it still is just that, history. Got a few bad memories but the many good ones are what I focus on.

    Not sure what my dreams for the future were for me in 1971 as the 5 years of high school at Brown High were coming to an end. Did not make it as a pro baseball player so had to go to plan B! For sure I had no idea what or where I would be in the year 2018. Each of us were on a journey into adulthood and who knows where we were to end up as a lot of factors are involved in our path of living life and making life long memories as a result of those decisions. The past is now written in stone and the future is ours for the making. Blessed to be able to write the year 2018. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and all your loved ones.

  2. Shelia says:

    Loved the Christmas gift on youtube! Took me down memory lane as a Georgia Gal–wish I had EVERY ornament. Thank you, Janet. And thank you for sharing your writing and thoughts with your readers out here. Have a wonderful Christmas, and I wish health and happiness for you and yours in 2018.

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