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Enjoy a few of these and you will understand why I love Georgia. The links below will take you to some Georgia specifics.  

Georgia Eats  

Georgia Music and Video

More About Georgia






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  2. Kathryn DeFord says:

    I would give anything to have a copy of the sheet music for “Georgia” written by Lollie Belle Wylie. This is the song I remember singing in school as a child. I have taught my daughters to sing it without the music, but now I’d like to teach it to my grandsons WITH the music.

    No offence intended….but I actually prefer “Georgia” over “Georgia On My Mind” as the Georgia State Song…..just being a good Georgia daughter – I am a very proud Savannah native.

    Could you possibly help lead me to where I may obtain a copy of this much sought after music? Your help is greatly appreciated!

  3. Ole Georgia Boy says:

    16mm school films used to start with this intro in Georgia, starting in the 69-70 school year. (Before that the song was “Dixie.”)

    I’ve always wondered whether that tune is the Lollie Belle Wylie “Georgia.” Maybe, maybe not.

  4. Pie CatLady says:

    Good to see that old song is at least still around. I learned it in fifth grade and was kinda shocked when Georgia On My Mind (likely about a woman, not about our beautiful state) became the official state song. There’s a song Hot-Lanta you might add. Thanks for your site – it has very good sound quality.

    • georgiajanet says:

      Thanks for the feedback Pie CatLady! And for the suggestion. I will look that one up and get it added.
      Please send your friends to GaJanet and encourage them to comment…

  5. Jenny Orr says:

    How about Georgia Rhythm by Atlanta Rhythm Section?
    Good job on the site, Janet!!

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