Home Forever

Home Forever

See that bright spot out there
Shimmering like a mirage in the distance. Is that it?
Home? Glory? Beulah Land? The new Jerusalem?
Does it even exist, or is it just an infinity edge,
Water rushing over into an oblivious unknown.
For flat believers, perhaps it is where we fall off the edge.
And what about those black beings between here and there.
Are they souls, fighting against the tide of life.
Or just floating aimlessly, wherever the current takes them.
Gorging on the bounty, living and dead.
But look, some are soaring.
Over the troubled water, through the storm.
Apparently effortless.

Yet what of those of us who just wish to be there?
We do not wish to endure the journey.
Not to soar there on strengthened wings
Not to float there calmly, waiting patiently for the current to take us to that destination.
Not to plow through waves of mundane everydays
Nor to struggle there through riptides, storms, or swirling whirlpool vortexes.

Just be there.
Lay down our efforts and be there.
Close our eyes, rest, and be there.
Give up the struggle and be there.
Let go and let him carry us there.
Home forever.

j. chapman

May 2017



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Being Human

Being Human

The water is cold on my feet, yet soothing because its chill numbs the smoldering pain of rheumatoid arthritis. I look out at the unfathomable depths, roiling like crinkled crepe paper. There’s a popular song with a phrase that says “I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean.” I do feel small, just as when I study the infinite stars on a clear night. But then why, oh God, why- if I am such a small infinitesimal speck on this earth or in this universe, or in your creation, is my hurt so big? My heart is weighed down as if it has been chained to massive anchors and thrown into the very sea I stand beside.

I do not hurt for myself. I ache for my lost child. I ache for my living children and the hurts they endure. I ache for friends who carry heartbreak in their own souls. I ache for the scores of people who suffer from disease, hunger, fear, and sorrow. I ache for what might of been. If I, being so tiny in the big scheme of things, can feel these burdens, how much more did Christ suffer when he took all of our collective sins and grief to bear?
My mind knows the platitudes to escape this morass. Count your blessings! Look around you at the beauty God has given you to enjoy! Do for others and you won’t have time to feel sorry for yourself! Stay busy! There are so many others who have it worse than you! Keep your mind occupied! Pray! Read your Bible! If it were only so simple. All of these will help, but only to a point. I can assure you I’ve tried each and every one. But still, at times, that dark brooding seeps in. Even on a beautiful day on the beach.

Take heart, my friend. Even if you are a very strong person, the darkness can creep in. No one is totally immune to such an insidious phenomenon. If you experience such miasma, it does not mean you are flawed, or sick, or not faithful enough. It doesn’t mean you are a bad Christian, or losing your mind, or self-centered. It means you are compassionate. It means you are caring. It means you are sensitive to others around you. And above all, it means you are human.

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Z is for Zebroid

     Z is for Zebroid 

No, it’s not a misspelling – zebroid is actually a word. Just what is a zebroid? You probably guessed it had something to do with zebras, and you would be correct. A zebroid is the hybrid offspring of a zebra and any other equine. Within the family of zebroids, there are many sub-categories. The offspring are sterile, like mules (the offspring horses and donkeys). The most common to occur in the wild is the zonkey – offspring of a male zebra and a female donkey.

                 Male Zebra               +

     Female Donkey                      

                                =  Zonkey    

If the parents are reversed, a female zebra and a male donkey, the offspring is a zedonk.

Female Zebra         +           Male Donkey





                              = ZeDonk

There are other categories from various combinations of zebras, horses, donkeys, and ponies. There are zebrass, zebadonks, zenkeys, zebrules, zonies, zetlands, zebrets, donkras,  and hebras. Perhaps the most striking is the zorse.  Eclypse the Zorse is one of the most unusual and beautiful. The mother is a horse and the father was a zebra.

Eclypse the Zorse

Georgia even has its own little zebroid named Pippi for her striped legs resembling the Pippi Longstocking character’s striped tights. Pippi was born in 2010 at the Chestatee Wildlife Preserve.  For more about Pippi see the article and video here. 

Can you imagine other unusual animal hybrids? What can you come up with? Comment below.

This is my final post for the A-Z blog challenge. I hope you have enjoyed this series. I have learned some interesting facts researching these articles. I may not be posting every day, but please check back often for new posts! 













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